Sike, sunchokes.  Although I have been doing a sun dance everyday in order to speed up the seasons.

Here is another beauty to add to my list of ‘new veggies tried’ due to my new delivery program, sunchokes aka jersusalem artichokes. FREAKING DELICIOUS. Can’t lie, I was pretty skeptical of these little suckers. When I first saw them I thought they were ginger and was like, what the hell am I going to do with all this ginger – side eye. Did a quick google search and it seemed like simple prep and a quick roast was the best option. SO SO GOOD. A new favorite for me. All I did was salt, pepper, rosemary, evoo and grana padano. You don’t even have to remove the skin. Just slice, dice, season and BOOM done. Delicious. They are kind of like mini potatoes, except slightly less starchy and more flavorful on their own. Tons of goodness packed into one little ugly root nugget from the the dirt. Loving these surprises, nature. Keep it up.


SUN dance

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Super Bowl really is one of the best food ‘holidays’ of the year. Might be in my top 3 behind Thanksgiving and July 4th. This year, I didn’t go to/have a party. I just had two good friends over and cooked enough food for ten. Needless to say, it was a cheat day. I’ve been trying to be more experimental with new recipes, flavors and produce lately, so I decided Super Bowl Sunday was the perfect opportunity. A pretzel recipe had been floating around on the internets and kept popping up – Jalapeno Cheddar Pretzel bites. In the past, anytime I saw ‘yeast’ on a recipe list it was an instant ‘nay’. I’m not a great baker in general, and the idea of live active bacteria involved in a recipe was intimidating. BUT I decided to face my fear of yeast (boof, that word makes me gag a little) and made soft pretzel bites with a spicy cheese dipping sauce. IT TURNED OUT AWESOME. I was so excited. I did a touch down dance when I saw the little dough balls properly poofing up in the oven. It was definitely a little tedious to knead the dough, let it rise, dunk the bites into a boiling baking soda and finally an egg wash. First time recipe attempts are always more time/utensil consuming (I destroyed my kitchen). Overall, it was super easy/not scary. I will definitely make again because they are SO GOOD right out of the oven and everybody was impressed with my skillz. I actually ended up just making plain bites [rolling dough out into  snake and then just cutting little bites – no filling] because I was making cheese sauce for my homemade nachos, so I figured what the hey.

pretzel[pretzel poofs of heaven]

Pretzel Proof

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I’m three workouts in at the new gym. Despite the fact that I date a trainer, worked at a gym, and have been working out relatively consistently since college, I still get heart palpitation nervous in new weight rooms. It’s the weirdest thing. I can’t explain it. Finding my spot, feeling out the crowd, the intimidating beast-mode dudes/chicks grunting, etc. all send me into panic mode. Needless to say, my first couple workouts have been 90% on cardio machines doing intervals and checking out the crowd. LOVE the gym so far.

The other day I was ragging on runners and running blogs and the obsession. And then I ironically went into the gym that night and did a treadmill workout and I realized, I just don’t have whatever gene is required to like running. Living in Boston I feel like I should have some innate love for it. The marathon is such a huge event here and I have many friends who have run it MULTIPLE times.  I will never run a marathon, or even a half for that matter, and I have to give props to anyone who can. I almost pass out every time, I hate every second and my max is 4 miles. So, more power to you runners! It’s truly amazing what you do and reading through multiple blogs/articles, it’s amazing what simply moving your body from point A to point B can do for you mentally, physically and personally. Everyone seems to have a different story and I admire that. I just can’t drink the…..gatorade/goo pods (?). Anyway, here is the workout that I did that had me turning all shades of red and caused no one to sit next to me on the T ride home. I was gross.

bike[my ass biking – i’m truly an artist with an iphone]

Beating Treadmill Boredom – Fitness Magazine, November 2013

0-2 [0% incline, 4-5mph]

2-3 [0% incline, 5.5mph]

3-5 [0% incline, 6mph]

5-6 [2% incline, 6mph]

6-7 [4% incline, 6mph]

7-9 [6% incline, 6mph]

9-10 [0% incline, 6.5mph]

10-12 [0% incline, 7mph]

12-13 [0% incline, 4mph]

13-16 [o% incline, 5.5-8mph alternating 30 sec easy run to 30 sec sprints]

16-17 [0% incline, 4mph]

17-20 [12% incline, 4-5mph]

20-21 [4% incline, 5mph]

21-22 [4% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

22-23 [3% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

23-24 [3% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

24-25 [2% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

26-27 [0% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

27-29 [0% incline, 6.5-9 sprint]

29-30 [0% incline, 5mph COOL DOWN]

I was wiped at the end of this and definitely had to hop my feet to opposite sides of the treadmill a couple times to catch my breath. It moves quickly though, so if you’re dreading a workout, this will entertain you and keep you focused.

Isn’t it Ironic

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So, here’s something kind of funny. I realized the other day that I have never been a paying member of gym. Between working at a gym for two years, living in multiple apartment buildings that had one, mooching off my personal training boyfriend, gyms on campus during college, boot camps with co-workers; I’ve always had one available. I never have swiped the credit card for physical fitness…until Tuesday. Tuesday I marched into a gym that I pass on my commute everyday and walked out with a key chain tag thing. IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m really excited about it and the fact that I know NO ONE in this gym. Has never happened before. It’s going to be 100% me time and I’m going to try to keep it that way. As social as I am, sometimes you just want to shut the eff up and not talk to anyone. Although I wouldn’t be upset if I made a new friend there since NO ONE STAYS IN BOSTON!!! I had no idea this was such a transient city. This took a weird turn. I’ll sign off here. Expect more workout posts soon!



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Fridays have been kind of bittersweet lately. On one hand I’m all, HELL YEA FRIDAY!!!! Then on the other hand I’m like, another week is over? How? Time is FLYING by and it’s freaking me out a little bit. With a full work week, classes, workouts, etc. it’s hard to live each day with purpose, as the Buddhists say. I have been trying to make sure I get my workouts in and cook dinner sans microwave during the week. On Wednesday I made vegetarian enchiladas [so effing good…everyone on planet earth will like these] with homemade enchilada sauce. Who knew this irish/scandinavian chica could be so well versed with mexican cuisine.  Yo soy bueno….muy bueno.


[my sawwwwce – SPOILER: it’s basically a roux with tomato paste, broth instead of milk, and spices]

This recipe is already all over the internets, but I deemed it a must-post for G&G. Even the leftovers the next day for lunch were awesome. Have a fantastico weekend mis amigos! I’m so worldly…


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