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‘Tis the Season for Saffron

Holy crap it’s been a crazy couple months. Last Wednesday night I closed out my second semester and Friday I shut down my work computer for the next solid week and a half. There are many awesome things about working at Harvard, but I have to say….one of the top two things is that we get Christmas through New Years off….paid…best thing ever. I will probably never leave the place based solely on that. As much as I’m a nut case and feel like I need to being doing something productive at all times, I am so excited for some time off. I MISS COOKING! Sadly,  that’s one of the first things that goes out the window when I get in school mode. I even manage to squeeze in gym time, but my culinary therapy, my happy place, and my meditation in front of the stove, comes to an embarrassing halt. I’ve been collecting a few recipes to try though and tonight I cooked with saffron for the first time. LOVE saffron. It’s such an impressive flavor. It’s distinct, but not overpowering. It’s featured in many famous dishes, such as bouillabaisse. It also has been known to have medicinal qualities and antioxidant-like properties. It is not a cheap….seasoning? I feel like saffron is much more than a seasoning, but if a grocery store has it you can find it with the other spices and seasonings. Trader Joe’s actually carries it and I’m pretty sure I picked up a jar of threads for less than $10. The color and the aroma are amazing and it’s something that can ‘wow’ a crowd if you’re cooking for people. I used it just for some rice and it was delicious and provided a twist to the usual bland side of starch. If you get a chance to experiment with some new flavors, saffron is a really easy and delicious way to go.

saffron flower[saffron threads actually come from this flower]

Here is the RECIPE I cooked.

If I did it again I would probably cut the butter in half and do part olive oil. Try something new this holiday season and surprise your senses!

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Muffins, Mafia & Moving

My boss has a habit of BEING AWESOME and earlier this week he came in with a crate of organic blueberries for me and my cube mate. He ‘knows a guy’ [aka his wife’s family] in the produce business that hooks him up whenever they visit. It’s so funny to talk about because he makes it sounds like it’s this big mafioso operation. Who knew? Shady secrets and scandals of the produce industry…new HBO series? Anyway, I had this slew of blueberries and as much as I love them, I knew I wouldn’t get through this many before they went bad. Solution = make muffins.

They turned out amazing! I used SkinnyTaste’s Low Fat Blueberry Muffin recipe and added some cinnamon, a little extra vanilla [was practically snorting it last night – love it] and some flax to kick up the healthy level. I like using ground  flax when I use applesauce instead of oil because it adds some moistness. Pretty proud of my improvisation on this one. I have to say, I’m not normally a baker. Baking = cakes, frosting, naughtiness in large amounts and an inescapable temptation to have in the apartment. However, I’m noticing there are a lot of healthier options with fruit, veggies, whole wheat flour, ground flax and I’m starting to really like it. It’s fun to mix it up [eeeee pun].

CHEERS for it being Friday! I will be popping some prosecco and packing this weekend.

Moving AGAIN [4th time in 4 years] on the 15th.

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How could I not?

If you know me, you know I love pasta. Pasta in the morning, pasta in the evening, pasta at suppertime! *sing in jingle tune* I seriously could do it. TRUTH – I have special bowls just for my pasta eating habits. I simply couldn’t not (whoa. doubs neg) give you this link with tons of different scrumptious variations on my fave meal. Here you go. Explore and enjoy!

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