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Super Bowl really is one of the best food ‘holidays’ of the year. Might be in my top 3 behind Thanksgiving and July 4th. This year, I didn’t go to/have a party. I just had two good friends over and cooked enough food for ten. Needless to say, it was a cheat day. I’ve been trying to be more experimental with new recipes, flavors and produce lately, so I decided Super Bowl Sunday was the perfect opportunity. A pretzel recipe had been floating around on the internets and kept popping up – Jalapeno Cheddar Pretzel bites. In the past, anytime I saw ‘yeast’ on a recipe list it was an instant ‘nay’. I’m not a great baker in general, and the idea of live active bacteria involved in a recipe was intimidating. BUT I decided to face my fear of yeast (boof, that word makes me gag a little) and made soft pretzel bites with a spicy cheese dipping sauce. IT TURNED OUT AWESOME. I was so excited. I did a touch down dance when I saw the little dough balls properly poofing up in the oven. It was definitely a little tedious to knead the dough, let it rise, dunk the bites into a boiling baking soda and finally an egg wash. First time recipe attempts are always more time/utensil consuming (I destroyed my kitchen). Overall, it was super easy/not scary. I will definitely make again because they are SO GOOD right out of the oven and everybody was impressed with my skillz. I actually ended up just making plain bites [rolling dough out into¬† snake and then just cutting little bites – no filling] because I was making cheese sauce for my homemade nachos, so I figured what the hey.

pretzel[pretzel poofs of heaven]

Pretzel Proof

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