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Sike, sunchokes.  Although I have been doing a sun dance everyday in order to speed up the seasons.

Here is another beauty to add to my list of ‘new veggies tried’ due to my new delivery program, sunchokes aka jersusalem artichokes. FREAKING DELICIOUS. Can’t lie, I was pretty skeptical of these little suckers. When I first saw them I thought they were ginger and was like, what the hell am I going to do with all this ginger – side eye. Did a quick google search and it seemed like simple prep and a quick roast was the best option. SO SO GOOD. A new favorite for me. All I did was salt, pepper, rosemary, evoo and grana padano. You don’t even have to remove the skin. Just slice, dice, season and BOOM done. Delicious. They are kind of like mini potatoes, except slightly less starchy and more flavorful on their own. Tons of goodness packed into one little ugly root nugget from the the dirt. Loving these surprises, nature. Keep it up.


SUN dance

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