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This Just In…

Parsnips are gross.

Officially signed up for a produce delivery program in Boston called Boston Organics. Being the sustainability student that I am, I had to sign up for the dogma box which is comprised of only local organic produce within a certain radius of the city. Why I decided to sign up in the dead of winter? Who knows. In any case, I got my first shipment last week which included every root vegetable known to man kind. The only thing I haven’t liked are the parsnips (aka white carrot looking thing). I made a batch of roasted root veggie soup on Sunday. It actually turned out pretty well. Simple process too. Chop up veggies/onion/garlic > place on baking sheet > season/olive oil > 400 degrees > 30 min > put roasted veggies in pot with 4 cups broth/1 cup coconut milk > use hand blender (just got my first one!! woooo) add a hefty grating of grana padano (parmesan or romano work, too) > let simmer for a little while > DONE. Stuffed my face last night with a loaf of bread. Satisfying winter meal.


Here is the recipe I loosely followed – didn’t use maple syrup or sweet potatoes….or parsnips. blegh. I did use celeriac, which is probably the ugliest energy source for humans found on this planet, but it turned out better than I thought. Kind of a giant, subtle-r, starchier celery. And now I’m going to leave you with the most frequently uttered sentence in recent weeks…WHEN WILL WINTER JUST BE OVER ALREADY!?

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