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Muffins, Mafia & Moving

My boss has a habit of BEING AWESOME and earlier this week he came in with a crate of organic blueberries for me and my cube mate. He ‘knows a guy’ [aka his wife’s family] in the produce business that hooks him up whenever they visit. It’s so funny to talk about because he makes it sounds like it’s this big mafioso operation. Who knew? Shady secrets and scandals of the produce industry…new HBO series? Anyway, I had this slew of blueberries and as much as I love them, I knew I wouldn’t get through this many before they went bad. Solution = make muffins.

They turned out amazing! I used SkinnyTaste’s Low Fat Blueberry Muffin recipe and added some cinnamon, a little extra vanilla [was practically snorting it last night – love it] and some flax to kick up the healthy level. I like using ground  flax when I use applesauce instead of oil because it adds some moistness. Pretty proud of my improvisation on this one. I have to say, I’m not normally a baker. Baking = cakes, frosting, naughtiness in large amounts and an inescapable temptation to have in the apartment. However, I’m noticing there are a lot of healthier options with fruit, veggies, whole wheat flour, ground flax and I’m starting to really like it. It’s fun to mix it up [eeeee pun].

CHEERS for it being Friday! I will be popping some prosecco and packing this weekend.

Moving AGAIN [4th time in 4 years] on the 15th.

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