I’m three workouts in at the new gym. Despite the fact that I date a trainer, worked at a gym, and have been working out relatively consistently since college, I still get heart palpitation nervous in new weight rooms. It’s the weirdest thing. I can’t explain it. Finding my spot, feeling out the crowd, the intimidating beast-mode dudes/chicks grunting, etc. all send me into panic mode. Needless to say, my first couple workouts have been 90% on cardio machines doing intervals and checking out the crowd. LOVE the gym so far.

The other day I was ragging on runners and running blogs and the obsession. And then I ironically went into the gym that night and did a treadmill workout and I realized, I just don’t have whatever gene is required to like running. Living in Boston I feel like I should have some innate love for it. The marathon is such a huge event here and I have many friends who have run it MULTIPLE times.  I will never run a marathon, or even a half for that matter, and I have to give props to anyone who can. I almost pass out every time, I hate every second and my max is 4 miles. So, more power to you runners! It’s truly amazing what you do and reading through multiple blogs/articles, it’s amazing what simply moving your body from point A to point B can do for you mentally, physically and personally. Everyone seems to have a different story and I admire that. I just can’t drink the…..gatorade/goo pods (?). Anyway, here is the workout that I did that had me turning all shades of red and caused no one to sit next to me on the T ride home. I was gross.

bike[my ass biking – i’m truly an artist with an iphone]

Beating Treadmill Boredom – Fitness Magazine, November 2013

0-2 [0% incline, 4-5mph]

2-3 [0% incline, 5.5mph]

3-5 [0% incline, 6mph]

5-6 [2% incline, 6mph]

6-7 [4% incline, 6mph]

7-9 [6% incline, 6mph]

9-10 [0% incline, 6.5mph]

10-12 [0% incline, 7mph]

12-13 [0% incline, 4mph]

13-16 [o% incline, 5.5-8mph alternating 30 sec easy run to 30 sec sprints]

16-17 [0% incline, 4mph]

17-20 [12% incline, 4-5mph]

20-21 [4% incline, 5mph]

21-22 [4% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

22-23 [3% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

23-24 [3% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

24-25 [2% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

26-27 [0% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

27-29 [0% incline, 6.5-9 sprint]

29-30 [0% incline, 5mph COOL DOWN]

I was wiped at the end of this and definitely had to hop my feet to opposite sides of the treadmill a couple times to catch my breath. It moves quickly though, so if you’re dreading a workout, this will entertain you and keep you focused.

Isn’t it Ironic

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Better Late Than Never

Over the summer I went to Brooklyn for a weekend with one of my best friends Lauren to visit my brother. While we were there we went to Frankies Sputino, an AMAZING italian restaurant there. The guys that own this place are from the area and created this cozy and rustic place with very light, but real italian food. I purposely say food and not cuisine, because the food and atmosphere created by these guys are so welcoming and I really felt like I was sitting in friend’s kitchen eating mind blowing food. And by friend’s kitchen, I mean my friend who tastefully designed her apartment after a tuscan kitchen with lots of candles, wood and an open kitchen where you can talk to your buddy while they are making a masterfully made dinner with simple and fresh ingredients. These guys have a cooking ‘companion’ that I bought and it’s really taught me a lot. Although there are recipes, this is more an instructional guide through a kitchen. You can truly sit down and read it like a regular book. Since eating at Frankies and picking up their cooking guide, I’ve been trying to do more ‘from scratch’. It’s amazing how easy cooking it is. Although there are so many products created for our convenience, there’s truly nothing better than homemade pasta and using it for a bolognese lasagna to share with friends. But more on that later…

brooklyn[such a great trip. great people. great food. great view.]

The Book

The Restaurant

The Video – short. watch it. these guys are great.

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So, here’s something kind of funny. I realized the other day that I have never been a paying member of gym. Between working at a gym for two years, living in multiple apartment buildings that had one, mooching off my personal training boyfriend, gyms on campus during college, boot camps with co-workers; I’ve always had one available. I never have swiped the credit card for physical fitness…until Tuesday. Tuesday I marched into a gym that I pass on my commute everyday and walked out with a key chain tag thing. IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m really excited about it and the fact that I know NO ONE in this gym. Has never happened before. It’s going to be 100% me time and I’m going to try to keep it that way. As social as I am, sometimes you just want to shut the eff up and not talk to anyone. Although I wouldn’t be upset if I made a new friend there since NO ONE STAYS IN BOSTON!!! I had no idea this was such a transient city. This took a weird turn. I’ll sign off here. Expect more workout posts soon!



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Boston Shout Out – Flour


Saw this review and thought I would share. Joanne Chang is the owner of Flour, an amazing coffee/cafe spot with a couple locations here in Boston. I unfortunately don’t frequent it enough because of the locations…and that’s probably a good thing because otherwise I would be stuffing my face on a consistent basis with her delectables. She is an alumna of Harvard and baked the cake for the University’s 375th anniversary during my first year working here. It was red velvet…gigantic…and fucking delicious. The video is actually pretty amazing.

E-Z(ucchini) Carpaccio

A frequent stop when I go home to New Jersey is to Fig & Olive in the city. My dad’s girlfriend is a serious food fanatic and this is her go-to. Needless to say, we get along. She loves this place and deems our visits a reason to celebrate, which is 100% okay with me. This place has very a fresh, simple menu and is yet to disappoint. I got mushroom soup there once and it was BANGIN’. Like, so good I was giving the waiter the skeptical eye (do it, click the link) when they responded that, “no, there’s no unicorn sparkle magic ingredient in there”. The ambiance of the meatpacking district location is so nice. It’s weirdly home-y for a NYC trendy restaurant, with fresh herbs growing throughout the place, a collection of olive oils from all around the world filling the walls (available for purchase, btw) and centrally located open bar where you can watch the bartenders using fresh ingredients for their cocktails. One item we always get from the menu, whether it’s brunch or dinner, is the zucchini carpaccio. So basic. So simple. So perfect. So DELICIOUS. It makes for a really good appetizer or side dish and is really easy, so definitely an option for a dinner party. No guilt with this either. MOW away and feel no shame if you finish the whole thing yourself.


Zucchini Carpaccio (for two)

-1 large zucchini, or two smaller ones, you judge

-1/2 lemon

-3 tablespoons high quality olive oil

-grated parmesan or grana padano

-handful of toasted pine nuts

-salt and fresh ground pepper

Slice zucchini thin > Arrange on plate in a shingle like design, slightly overlapping > Combine olive oil and lemon juice > whisk to emulsify > sprinkle zucchini with salt and pepper > drizzle olive oil/lemon mixture over the top to lightly dress the zucchini > sprinkle with grated cheese and pine nuts > let sit for at least 10 min > add whatever you feel is missing/lacking > bon appetit!

This is a good recipe to trust your gut with. Don’t feel like you have to follow these amounts exactly. If you need more or less, just go with it and eyeball everything. I’ve seen some recipes out there which include fresh ricotta, additional chopped herbs, or goat cheese. YES, PLEASE. All of the above. Here’s one of them – YUM. You can also put it on a bed of arugula or other light green. I actually used pea shoots for mine, but they were a little too intense with the light flavors in this dish. Next time I would go with something that’s tamer.