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Magnetic Field Moods

Full proof ways to snap out of a winter depression:

  • Book a long weekend adventure to Portland, ME – CHECK
  • Plan sushi dinner with my Boston faves for tonight  – CHECK
  • Shop for spring clothes – CHECK
  • Do your taxes = get refund sooner and spend when the weather gets nice – CHECK
  • Swoon over all-inclusive vacas to buy with aforementioned tax return – CHECK
  • Get motivated about something – for me, it was kicking ass in my class – CHECK
  • Do a fun mani to distract you from all things cold and dreary – CHECK
  • And of course, WORKOUT – kind of CHECK

spring[fun flowers from last spring and my bejeweled manicure – pic doesn’t do my bling justice]

A co-worker just came by my desk and said that I always seem to maintain a happy mood despite the stressful chaos in the office and crappy weather we’ve been having. This made me let out a loud evil laugh because deep down I’m ready to  flick everyone directly in the eye-ball and jump out the window, but the above helped me resist and realize that spring is just around the corner. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY. CARPÉ DIEM. Insert whichever motivational cliché you prefer. In any case, cheer up everyone. This winter has been brutal, but it’s almost over. Go from negative -> positive.

OH and if anyone has any suggestions for my Portland trip, please share in comments!

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It’s easy to doubt yourself. I can’t hold this plank any longer, I’m not fit enough, I’m a slacker for not working out, I’m too stupid for this grad program, so-and-so thinks this-and-that about me. Sadly this is the short list of the thoughts that creep though my head sometimes. My first grad course has really thrown me right in. It’s not the material that’s tripping me up, but I’m embarrassed to admit, the group of students and professors are a bit intimidating. They all seems to have a background in sustainability or some kind of environmental studies; already active participants with projects going on in their community; already involved and knowledgeable. I, on the other hand, am brand spanking new to all of this and have already learned so much in the first three weeks [love that aspect]. I was getting very frustrated today and felt that I was so behind the game on this stuff. Our paper topic proposals are due on Tuesday and in discussions everyone had these super specific policy changing topics, while mine was more general and analytical. Then my friend forced me to go to a vinyasa yoga class and I’m so happy I did.


[no cute ‘outfit of the day’ pics on this blog – this my ‘almost passed out FOR REALZ’ during yoga face. I know. I’m pale.]

The instructor reminded us that you shouldn’t compare your progress with those around you, or try to do the textbook perfect pose. Stay on your own pace, challenge yourself, and if you get unfocused it’s not a failure. Just recommit to your practice and start from there. As cliché as it is, it’s all about your own journey. Wasting time comparing, getting unfocused, stressing about what-ifs. You just need to recommit and realize your capable.


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Happy Valentines Day!!!! Acknowledge all the love there is in your life and tell all your loved ones how much they mean to you. Nothing better than hearing it out loud or written in a card. Also, use this day to spread some love. Give hugs (yourself included!), hold the door for someone, kiss cheeks (and your LOVAAAA), smile at strangers, pay for the person behind you’s coffee, give a compliment…the list could go on.  Of course, ideally you would do these things throughout the year, but why not start paying it forward today. It’s great to celebrate with a special someone, but also make sure to show some love for your fellow man/woman/animals [gotta stay PC…] and YOURSELF!


[i’m so effing festive]

Btw, happy birthday to this little blog. Two years!

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It’s Friday

This week has been excruciatingly busy and all over the place. Had a hilarious dinner last night with two great friends, but I’m super excited to spend tonight in my apartment with my man and my fluff ball. BTW, first graduate level class starts next TUESDAY!!! ahhhh!!! But in the meantime…

The_Beckermans_Closet-044_1[fuck yes]


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BIG news

Guys, guys, guys! Guess what? I SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST GRAD LEVEL COURSE TODAY!!!! My work pays a good hunk of the price [usually $2000 course = $40 course for employees] and I just had to take advantage of that. I’ve been debating for a while on if and what to go back to school for. There is a Sustainability & Environmental Management grad program here at the Harvard Extension School that has been on my radar for a while. Due to articles such as this one, I’m inspired to become part of the solution and DO SOMETHING GOOD for the world [my buddhism book really is rubbing off on me]. My first course is Energy & The Environment. I’m totally excited and totally already stressing out.

[smarty mcflufferpants]

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

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