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Sike, sunchokes.  Although I have been doing a sun dance everyday in order to speed up the seasons.

Here is another beauty to add to my list of ‘new veggies tried’ due to my new delivery program, sunchokes aka jersusalem artichokes. FREAKING DELICIOUS. Can’t lie, I was pretty skeptical of these little suckers. When I first saw them I thought they were ginger and was like, what the hell am I going to do with all this ginger – side eye. Did a quick google search and it seemed like simple prep and a quick roast was the best option. SO SO GOOD. A new favorite for me. All I did was salt, pepper, rosemary, evoo and grana padano. You don’t even have to remove the skin. Just slice, dice, season and BOOM done. Delicious. They are kind of like mini potatoes, except slightly less starchy and more flavorful on their own. Tons of goodness packed into one little ugly root nugget from the the dirt. Loving these surprises, nature. Keep it up.


SUN dance

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This Just In…

Parsnips are gross.

Officially signed up for a produce delivery program in Boston called Boston Organics. Being the sustainability student that I am, I had to sign up for the dogma box which is comprised of only local organic produce within a certain radius of the city. Why I decided to sign up in the dead of winter? Who knows. In any case, I got my first shipment last week which included every root vegetable known to man kind. The only thing I haven’t liked are the parsnips (aka white carrot looking thing). I made a batch of roasted root veggie soup on Sunday. It actually turned out pretty well. Simple process too. Chop up veggies/onion/garlic > place on baking sheet > season/olive oil > 400 degrees > 30 min > put roasted veggies in pot with 4 cups broth/1 cup coconut milk > use hand blender (just got my first one!! woooo) add a hefty grating of grana padano (parmesan or romano work, too) > let simmer for a little while > DONE. Stuffed my face last night with a loaf of bread. Satisfying winter meal.


Here is the recipe I loosely followed – didn’t use maple syrup or sweet potatoes….or parsnips. blegh. I did use celeriac, which is probably the ugliest energy source for humans found on this planet, but it turned out better than I thought. Kind of a giant, subtle-r, starchier celery. And now I’m going to leave you with the most frequently uttered sentence in recent weeks…WHEN WILL WINTER JUST BE OVER ALREADY!?

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Super Bowl really is one of the best food ‘holidays’ of the year. Might be in my top 3 behind Thanksgiving and July 4th. This year, I didn’t go to/have a party. I just had two good friends over and cooked enough food for ten. Needless to say, it was a cheat day. I’ve been trying to be more experimental with new recipes, flavors and produce lately, so I decided Super Bowl Sunday was the perfect opportunity. A pretzel recipe had been floating around on the internets and kept popping up – Jalapeno Cheddar Pretzel bites. In the past, anytime I saw ‘yeast’ on a recipe list it was an instant ‘nay’. I’m not a great baker in general, and the idea of live active bacteria involved in a recipe was intimidating. BUT I decided to face my fear of yeast (boof, that word makes me gag a little) and made soft pretzel bites with a spicy cheese dipping sauce. IT TURNED OUT AWESOME. I was so excited. I did a touch down dance when I saw the little dough balls properly poofing up in the oven. It was definitely a little tedious to knead the dough, let it rise, dunk the bites into a boiling baking soda and finally an egg wash. First time recipe attempts are always more time/utensil consuming (I destroyed my kitchen). Overall, it was super easy/not scary. I will definitely make again because they are SO GOOD right out of the oven and everybody was impressed with my skillz. I actually ended up just making plain bites [rolling dough out into  snake and then just cutting little bites – no filling] because I was making cheese sauce for my homemade nachos, so I figured what the hey.

pretzel[pretzel poofs of heaven]

Pretzel Proof

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‘Tis the Season for Saffron

Holy crap it’s been a crazy couple months. Last Wednesday night I closed out my second semester and Friday I shut down my work computer for the next solid week and a half. There are many awesome things about working at Harvard, but I have to say….one of the top two things is that we get Christmas through New Years off….paid…best thing ever. I will probably never leave the place based solely on that. As much as I’m a nut case and feel like I need to being doing something productive at all times, I am so excited for some time off. I MISS COOKING! Sadly,  that’s one of the first things that goes out the window when I get in school mode. I even manage to squeeze in gym time, but my culinary therapy, my happy place, and my meditation in front of the stove, comes to an embarrassing halt. I’ve been collecting a few recipes to try though and tonight I cooked with saffron for the first time. LOVE saffron. It’s such an impressive flavor. It’s distinct, but not overpowering. It’s featured in many famous dishes, such as bouillabaisse. It also has been known to have medicinal qualities and antioxidant-like properties. It is not a cheap….seasoning? I feel like saffron is much more than a seasoning, but if a grocery store has it you can find it with the other spices and seasonings. Trader Joe’s actually carries it and I’m pretty sure I picked up a jar of threads for less than $10. The color and the aroma are amazing and it’s something that can ‘wow’ a crowd if you’re cooking for people. I used it just for some rice and it was delicious and provided a twist to the usual bland side of starch. If you get a chance to experiment with some new flavors, saffron is a really easy and delicious way to go.

saffron flower[saffron threads actually come from this flower]

Here is the RECIPE I cooked.

If I did it again I would probably cut the butter in half and do part olive oil. Try something new this holiday season and surprise your senses!

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….to my life…and probably yours if you’re looking at this blog.


….that is, if you want to 🙂

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