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I’m three workouts in at the new gym. Despite the fact that I date a trainer, worked at a gym, and have been working out relatively consistently since college, I still get heart palpitation nervous in new weight rooms. It’s the weirdest thing. I can’t explain it. Finding my spot, feeling out the crowd, the intimidating beast-mode dudes/chicks grunting, etc. all send me into panic mode. Needless to say, my first couple workouts have been 90% on cardio machines doing intervals and checking out the crowd. LOVE the gym so far.

The other day I was ragging on runners and running blogs and the obsession. And then I ironically went into the gym that night and did a treadmill workout and I realized, I just don’t have whatever gene is required to like running. Living in Boston I feel like I should have some innate love for it. The marathon is such a huge event here and I have many friends who have run it MULTIPLE times.  I will never run a marathon, or even a half for that matter, and I have to give props to anyone who can. I almost pass out every time, I hate every second and my max is 4 miles. So, more power to you runners! It’s truly amazing what you do and reading through multiple blogs/articles, it’s amazing what simply moving your body from point A to point B can do for you mentally, physically and personally. Everyone seems to have a different story and I admire that. I just can’t drink the…..gatorade/goo pods (?). Anyway, here is the workout that I did that had me turning all shades of red and caused no one to sit next to me on the T ride home. I was gross.

bike[my ass biking – i’m truly an artist with an iphone]

Beating Treadmill Boredom – Fitness Magazine, November 2013

0-2 [0% incline, 4-5mph]

2-3 [0% incline, 5.5mph]

3-5 [0% incline, 6mph]

5-6 [2% incline, 6mph]

6-7 [4% incline, 6mph]

7-9 [6% incline, 6mph]

9-10 [0% incline, 6.5mph]

10-12 [0% incline, 7mph]

12-13 [0% incline, 4mph]

13-16 [o% incline, 5.5-8mph alternating 30 sec easy run to 30 sec sprints]

16-17 [0% incline, 4mph]

17-20 [12% incline, 4-5mph]

20-21 [4% incline, 5mph]

21-22 [4% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

22-23 [3% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

23-24 [3% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

24-25 [2% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

26-27 [0% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

27-29 [0% incline, 6.5-9 sprint]

29-30 [0% incline, 5mph COOL DOWN]

I was wiped at the end of this and definitely had to hop my feet to opposite sides of the treadmill a couple times to catch my breath. It moves quickly though, so if you’re dreading a workout, this will entertain you and keep you focused.

Isn’t it Ironic

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So, here’s something kind of funny. I realized the other day that I have never been a paying member of gym. Between working at a gym for two years, living in multiple apartment buildings that had one, mooching off my personal training boyfriend, gyms on campus during college, boot camps with co-workers; I’ve always had one available. I never have swiped the credit card for physical fitness…until Tuesday. Tuesday I marched into a gym that I pass on my commute everyday and walked out with a key chain tag thing. IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m really excited about it and the fact that I know NO ONE in this gym. Has never happened before. It’s going to be 100% me time and I’m going to try to keep it that way. As social as I am, sometimes you just want to shut the eff up and not talk to anyone. Although I wouldn’t be upset if I made a new friend there since NO ONE STAYS IN BOSTON!!! I had no idea this was such a transient city. This took a weird turn. I’ll sign off here. Expect more workout posts soon!



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It’s easy to doubt yourself. I can’t hold this plank any longer, I’m not fit enough, I’m a slacker for not working out, I’m too stupid for this grad program, so-and-so thinks this-and-that about me. Sadly this is the short list of the thoughts that creep though my head sometimes. My first grad course has really thrown me right in. It’s not the material that’s tripping me up, but I’m embarrassed to admit, the group of students and professors are a bit intimidating. They all seems to have a background in sustainability or some kind of environmental studies; already active participants with projects going on in their community; already involved and knowledgeable. I, on the other hand, am brand spanking new to all of this and have already learned so much in the first three weeks [love that aspect]. I was getting very frustrated today and felt that I was so behind the game on this stuff. Our paper topic proposals are due on Tuesday and in discussions everyone had these super specific policy changing topics, while mine was more general and analytical. Then my friend forced me to go to a vinyasa yoga class and I’m so happy I did.


[no cute ‘outfit of the day’ pics on this blog – this my ‘almost passed out FOR REALZ’ during yoga face. I know. I’m pale.]

The instructor reminded us that you shouldn’t compare your progress with those around you, or try to do the textbook perfect pose. Stay on your own pace, challenge yourself, and if you get unfocused it’s not a failure. Just recommit to your practice and start from there. As cliché as it is, it’s all about your own journey. Wasting time comparing, getting unfocused, stressing about what-ifs. You just need to recommit and realize your capable.


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Baby Moo-Moos

I never workout my calves, but somehow they are super sore right now. The culprit = the workout I did Monday that required a total of 24….TWENTY FOUR…minutes of jump roping total. NOT an easy feat. Back when I figure skated we would always jump rope to warm up, so I’m pretty decent at it…but skill aside, TWENTY FOUR MINUTES! I stole this workout here [have snagged a couple good ones here lately] and knew it was going to be a doozy, but I liked that it had the multitasking/time-saving multiple muscle group exercises. Mama likes efficiency. It took me about 45 minutes total and had to pep talk my way to the finish…out-loud…to myself. I used 10lbs weights for everything. A little on the lighter side, but for 20 reps you can’t expect to use your 8-10 rep weights.

Workout_mini[long time fan of hers – although Lo was always my fave…oh hills]

With a lighter weight/no weight make sure that you really SQUEEZE at the peak of the movement in order to activate the muscles. On the bent over row really pull those “angel wings” together. Just pulling your arms back is not going to cut it. Of course with the squat…SQUEEZE those buns. Figure skating story number two – I can thank my moves-in-the-field coach for my badonkadonk buns because he would always tell me to pretend there’s a penny between the cheeks and I can’t let it fall. Gross visual, but it worked…..DON’T LET THOSE PENNIES DROP! Unless its hot…then you should drop it…like it’s hot…snoop dog….I need vacation to start now.

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I worked out at a Harvard gym for the first time this week. Finally braved the students, new gym anxiety and the locker rooms [got spoiled at Equinox I MISS YOU free KIEHL’S!] and got my swell on with the youngsters. I did a heavy duty upper body workout and now, even gravity is unable to straighten my arms. SO SORE! I’m walking around like Mr. Burns.



12 bicep curls

12 halos – both directions (love this exercise – good warm up for the joints)

12 bent over rows – each arm



12 bicep curls (again..what am i thinking)

12 backward staggered stance overhead tricep extensions

12 staggered stance two arm row


30 plank w/ knees to opposite elbows on upside down bosu ball

20 jumping squats

12 kettle bell clean and press on each side


Holy eff. Got my hair done the next day, which was perfect timing because there was no way I was getting my hands above my head to wash my tresses. Going to try and have a healthy weekend, despite the temptations of superbowl food.  Sushi and live music tonight, date night tomorrow and, of course,  superbowl shenanigans Sunday. Also, I’m puppy sitting my friend’s pug, so right now I have two canines in my household…Bear & Ben. Love it.

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