I’m three workouts in at the new gym. Despite the fact that I date a trainer, worked at a gym, and have been working out relatively consistently since college, I still get heart palpitation nervous in new weight rooms. It’s the weirdest thing. I can’t explain it. Finding my spot, feeling out the crowd, the intimidating beast-mode dudes/chicks grunting, etc. all send me into panic mode. Needless to say, my first couple workouts have been 90% on cardio machines doing intervals and checking out the crowd. LOVE the gym so far.

The other day I was ragging on runners and running blogs and the obsession. And then I ironically went into the gym that night and did a treadmill workout and I realized, I just don’t have whatever gene is required to like running. Living in Boston I feel like I should have some innate love for it. The marathon is such a huge event here and I have many friends who have run it MULTIPLE times.  I will never run a marathon, or even a half for that matter, and I have to give props to anyone who can. I almost pass out every time, I hate every second and my max is 4 miles. So, more power to you runners! It’s truly amazing what you do and reading through multiple blogs/articles, it’s amazing what simply moving your body from point A to point B can do for you mentally, physically and personally. Everyone seems to have a different story and I admire that. I just can’t drink the…..gatorade/goo pods (?). Anyway, here is the workout that I did that had me turning all shades of red and caused no one to sit next to me on the T ride home. I was gross.

bike[my ass biking – i’m truly an artist with an iphone]

Beating Treadmill Boredom – Fitness Magazine, November 2013

0-2 [0% incline, 4-5mph]

2-3 [0% incline, 5.5mph]

3-5 [0% incline, 6mph]

5-6 [2% incline, 6mph]

6-7 [4% incline, 6mph]

7-9 [6% incline, 6mph]

9-10 [0% incline, 6.5mph]

10-12 [0% incline, 7mph]

12-13 [0% incline, 4mph]

13-16 [o% incline, 5.5-8mph alternating 30 sec easy run to 30 sec sprints]

16-17 [0% incline, 4mph]

17-20 [12% incline, 4-5mph]

20-21 [4% incline, 5mph]

21-22 [4% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

22-23 [3% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

23-24 [3% incline, 6.5-9mph sprint]

24-25 [2% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

26-27 [0% incline, 4-5mph easy run]

27-29 [0% incline, 6.5-9 sprint]

29-30 [0% incline, 5mph COOL DOWN]

I was wiped at the end of this and definitely had to hop my feet to opposite sides of the treadmill a couple times to catch my breath. It moves quickly though, so if you’re dreading a workout, this will entertain you and keep you focused.

Isn’t it Ironic

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