Better Late Than Never

Over the summer I went to Brooklyn for a weekend with one of my best friends Lauren to visit my brother. While we were there we went to Frankies Sputino, an AMAZING italian restaurant there. The guys that own this place are from the area and created this cozy and rustic place with very light, but real italian food. I purposely say food and not cuisine, because the food and atmosphere created by these guys are so welcoming and I really felt like I was sitting in friend’s kitchen eating mind blowing food. And by friend’s kitchen, I mean my friend who tastefully designed her apartment after a tuscan kitchen with lots of candles, wood and an open kitchen where you can talk to your buddy while they are making a masterfully made dinner with simple and fresh ingredients. These guys have a cooking ‘companion’ that I bought and it’s really taught me a lot. Although there are recipes, this is more an instructional guide through a kitchen. You can truly sit down and read it like a regular book. Since eating at Frankies and picking up their cooking guide, I’ve been trying to do more ‘from scratch’. It’s amazing how easy cooking it is. Although there are so many products created for our convenience, there’s truly nothing better than homemade pasta and using it for a bolognese lasagna to share with friends. But more on that later…

brooklyn[such a great trip. great people. great food. great view.]

The Book

The Restaurant

The Video – short. watch it. these guys are great.

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