So, here’s something kind of funny. I realized the other day that I have never been a paying member of gym. Between working at a gym for two years, living in multiple apartment buildings that had one, mooching off my personal training boyfriend, gyms on campus during college, boot camps with co-workers; I’ve always had one available. I never have swiped the credit card for physical fitness…until Tuesday. Tuesday I marched into a gym that I pass on my commute everyday and walked out with a key chain tag thing. IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m really excited about it and the fact that I know NO ONE in this gym. Has never happened before. It’s going to be 100% me time and I’m going to try to keep it that way. As social as I am, sometimes you just want to shut the eff up and not talk to anyone. Although I wouldn’t be upset if I made a new friend there since NO ONE STAYS IN BOSTON!!! I had no idea this was such a transient city. This took a weird turn. I’ll sign off here. Expect more workout posts soon!



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