Fitzgerald said it best…

“Life starts all over again once it gets crisp in the fall”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve written out this first post back. It’s funny how much stress I put on myself for my posts, as if my audience base is that large…or that judgmental. In a nutshell, my first semester of grad school and the entire summer flew by. There were lots of weddings, a move to a new town, final papers, new workout MORNING schedule (believe it, baby), multiple out-of-state weekend trips and having to say goodbye to one of my best friends in Boston. Now here we are, October 1st. I am absolutely  in love with this season and there’s something about the leaves falling and nature starting its renewal process that makes me a little more in sync with embracing change and moving forward. Semester number two has started.  I have a tendency to, how should I say this, lose my shit when new deadlines, or I suppose change in general, hits my plate. The last four weeks brought me a dog needing/getting ACL surgery, some medical issues of my own, never-ending to-do list at work, and a new syllabus, which slapped me in the face and called me bitch as soon as I got it. I’ve had anxiety as long as I can remember and although I’ve made great improvements in the last year or so, I refuse to let it consume me anymore. I understand it will always be there and it will never fully disappear, but I cannot let it dictate my moods and waste my mental energy. So, rabbit rabbit. Happy to be back. Happy to be doing things that I feel like are moving me in the right direction. Happy to have celebrated 4 years with an unbelievable guy last week. AND DEFINITELY happy to be looking forward to a long Columbus Day weekend in Maine with no plans, except to relax.

Mental note: need to get back into yoga.


One thought on “Fitzgerald said it best…

  1. Courtney says:

    Happy to see you back! I’ve checked many times over the past few months. I relate on the scale of being back in school – Crazy new schedule, but refreshing at the same time. Enjoy this semester!

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