Friday, friday, friiiiiiiiday. Today it’s actually supposed to reach 55 degrees here in Boston. Hallelujah. My commute took less time than usual AND I was able to grab a latte before work. So far, Friday is shaping up to be a good day. Although I’m probably 100% jinxing myself by typing this. This weekend is for yoga, manicures, seeing old friends from my figure skating days, and hanging out with my boys. NEED to be productive, but also am in some serious need for some R&R.


[sorry for horrendous photo – couldn’t be bothered with photoshop and i needed proof of my veggie consumption]

Last night was for watching food documentaries off of Netflix. The first one I watched, Hungry for Change, spoke about this novel idea that diets shouldn’t be thought of as ‘less’ and ‘can’t’. I can’t eat this, I need to eat less, I need to constrict, etc. This is the WRONG way to think about it. Diet is another one of those loaded words. Define diet….go ahead, do it. Guaranteed there’s no one ‘across the board’ answer. In its simplest sense, it’s what we eat. For instance, a rabbit eats a diet of carrots. Diet shouldn’t equate in your mind as low cal, artificial shakes, deprivation, microwave meals and special k bars (ah, so not good). The MORE healthy options you put into your diet, the healthier you will be. Mind blowing, right? Thinking of it as restrictive will only set you up for failure. You’re already dreading it and putting a negative vibe on the whole process. Think MORE MORE MORE. More greens, more vegetables, more fruits, more local, more organic. MORE!!! With today’s globalized and abundant food industry, there’s no shortage on options. Sticking with my new veggie a week thing, I tried purple asparagus yesterday. Tastes the same, just more fun. Just another healthy option to ADD to the repertoire.

Just throwing this out there, why does always have the WEIRDEST advertising on their site?? Just went on there and there was a link to a story about a fish with human teeth.

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