Magnetic Field Moods

Full proof ways to snap out of a winter depression:

  • Book a long weekend adventure to Portland, ME – CHECK
  • Plan sushi dinner with my Boston faves for tonight  – CHECK
  • Shop for spring clothes – CHECK
  • Do your taxes = get refund sooner and spend when the weather gets nice – CHECK
  • Swoon over all-inclusive vacas to buy with aforementioned tax return – CHECK
  • Get motivated about something – for me, it was kicking ass in my class – CHECK
  • Do a fun mani to distract you from all things cold and dreary – CHECK
  • And of course, WORKOUT – kind of CHECK

spring[fun flowers from last spring and my bejeweled manicure – pic doesn’t do my bling justice]

A co-worker just came by my desk and said that I always seem to maintain a happy mood despite the stressful chaos in the office and crappy weather we’ve been having. This made me let out a loud evil laugh because deep down I’m ready to  flick everyone directly in the eye-ball and jump out the window, but the above helped me resist and realize that spring is just around the corner. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY. CARPÉ DIEM. Insert whichever motivational cliché you prefer. In any case, cheer up everyone. This winter has been brutal, but it’s almost over. Go from negative -> positive.

OH and if anyone has any suggestions for my Portland trip, please share in comments!

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