Baby Moo-Moos

I never workout my calves, but somehow they are super sore right now. The culprit = the workout I did Monday that required a total of 24….TWENTY FOUR…minutes of jump roping total. NOT an easy feat. Back when I figure skated we would always jump rope to warm up, so I’m pretty decent at it…but skill aside, TWENTY FOUR MINUTES! I stole this workout here [have snagged a couple good ones here lately] and knew it was going to be a doozy, but I liked that it had the multitasking/time-saving multiple muscle group exercises. Mama likes efficiency. It took me about 45 minutes total and had to pep talk my way to the finish…out-loud…to myself. I used 10lbs weights for everything. A little on the lighter side, but for 20 reps you can’t expect to use your 8-10 rep weights.

Workout_mini[long time fan of hers – although Lo was always my fave…oh hills]

With a lighter weight/no weight make sure that you really SQUEEZE at the peak of the movement in order to activate the muscles. On the bent over row really pull those “angel wings” together. Just pulling your arms back is not going to cut it. Of course with the squat…SQUEEZE those buns. Figure skating story number two – I can thank my moves-in-the-field coach for my badonkadonk buns because he would always tell me to pretend there’s a penny between the cheeks and I can’t let it fall. Gross visual, but it worked…..DON’T LET THOSE PENNIES DROP! Unless its hot…then you should drop it…like it’s hot…snoop dog….I need vacation to start now.

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One thought on “Baby Moo-Moos

  1. This is hilarious and awesome. Also, the fact that you named your blog “Garlic and Glutes” has earned you a gold star in my book lol.

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