Vorkout Vedding Veekend

It’s a wedding weekend! This means my dress from Rent The Runway came in yesterday and I made sure to do an upper body workout in order to make my guns pop in pictures [yep…you heard me..MY GUNS]. One major bonus of having a mini-gym in my apartment building is that it’s often empty, which = me belting out my workout mix. Definitely got caught by somebody yesterday, but I had no shame. Is this a sign of getting older? Really not caring any more? If so, I’ll embrace this aspect of aging.

[crappy pic, but i’m trying to google image less. check me out]

Here’s the workout I did (links included for some):


jumping jacks

running in place

high knees

[all for 1 min each x2]

bent over delt flys

skull crushers

bicep curls

overhead tricep pulls w/ cable machine

alternating lunges w/ weights

modified push-ups

squat press

glute bridge (blute or air humps)

side dips

[12 reps each x3]


1/2 hour on the stationary bike

On Sunday I’m doing a yoga/meditation workshop @ Baptiste studio in Cambridge. I’ll report after on my zen levels.


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