Girl Power

Yesterday marked a momentous day….I FINALLY got back in the gym for workouts!

[what? an election? where? i kid. calm yo’self. i voted]

Definitely feels good to get back in there. I’ve felt so weak the past couple of weeks. That’s really the only way to describe it. I could almost feel myself turning into this frail old lady who couldn’t open my spaghetti sauce jar. Really pathetic, but it did put it back in perspective for me how important working out [including weights, ladies!] is. I emphasize the weights only because a lot of women tend to steer clear thinking all the zumba, yoga, and pilates is all they need *wipe hands of workout obligation*. You guys know…love my yoga, but as I’ve said over and over, you need variety for optimal results and overall physical health. I’m not saying those aren’t good ways to get your sweat on, I’m just saying to pick up a weight, or do some sort of strength training [resistance or body weight are some other options], every now and then. It’s good for ya! Don’t be scuuuured.

Strength Training…

  • Increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis – aka it makes STRONG BONES!
  • Can prevent or alleviate a bunch of different chronic conditions [arthritis, diabetes, back pain, and depression…to name a few].
  • HELPS YOU BURN FAT! Muscle = engine to burn calories more efficiently at rest and during exercise.
  • You can burn even MORE calories and get a fantastic cardio workout by doing strength circuits.

Disclaimer – YOU WILL NOT BEEF UP!! No matter what anyone tells you, female body builders have to dedicate their  lives to get that physique and doing regular weight training will not cause you to go all Arnold on everyone. You’ll look toned and amazing!

If you’ve never worked with weights before, I would highly recommend setting up a session or two with a personal trainer. So worth it.

Now go get your flex on!!!


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