Berkshire Bear Baptiste

One of the perks of working in higher Ed is that I get a lot of random holidays off, such as Columbus day *mental fist pump*. Over the weekend Dan and I went to his fam-a-lam’s house in western MA where we relaxed, enjoyed all things fall, let Bear be collar/leash-less, ate apple cider donuts, bought a pumpkin, had some family time by the fire, and found out bear has a love/hate relationship with elderly people. I guess working at an old-folks home is not in his future.

[fluff buns aka bear checking out the beautiful Berkshires]

My Monday off  = waking up at 11am, cleaning, unpacking, showering, 4pm class at Baptiste yoga class with an old friend visiting from LA (my first yoga instructor) and my new neighbor (coincidentally long time friends with aforementioned friend – what are the odds?) and then went on a triple neighbor/doggie walk date. Overall a pretty solid day. The yoga class was the hardest yoga class I’ve ever been to. Of course my friends said it was a low-key class and not as hot as it normally is [I almost barfed 1/2 way through]. Baron Baptiste, in a nutshell, introduced the idea of power yoga to America and has quite a following. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so sore after a class before. He’s a pretty accomplished guy and I was impressed reading his bio. If you like more athletic styles of yoga, then this will be your jam.

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