No Eminem Sightings

So, I went to Detroit last weekend for a wedding. Two noteworthy things about my Detroit experience….1) All cars need rims, and 2) I spotted  Solerno [an italian blood orange liqueur – have a bottle at my house at all times] for the first time on a menu. You just splash it into some champagne/prosecco and it’s perfection. Our hotel was amazing, but besides that Detroit had a lot of deserted buildings and failed businesses. Was kind of sad to see a once bustling automobile industry hub be so desolate and wasted. On a lighter note…


The wedding we went to was a muslim wedding, which was really amazing to experience. The traditions, the family, the clothes, the colors, the HENNA were all so beautiful. The bride was GORGEOUS and I’m a sucker for weddings in general, which is a good thing because I have quite a few coming up [hi rent the runway – you’ll be getting a lot of my $$ in the near future].

[the boys & the fist]

It was really good to just get out of Boston with my man, stay in a fancy hotel, order room service, and just chill. We didn’t drink a ton [wedding was dry – made for very awkward small talk], but we kind of came home ready to detox a bit. Dan has started another trainer ‘I’m going to use my body as a science experiment’ diet, which means super clean [no dairy, wheat, alcohol, etc.] I hate when he goes on these diets, but it does force me to eat similar and I always feel better. It’s a month-long thing and I already let him know I draw the line at wine. Needless to say, very excited for dinner out tonight with some of my fave ladies at Zocalo 🙂

[kale and pulled chicken omelet. roasted garlic broccoli. cherry tomatoes = hi healthy eating]

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