Everybody’s Working(out) for the Weekend

I spontaneously did this incline interval workout on the treadmill on Monday and I had to take a ‘breather’ [stop because my legs were about to give out] for a minute in the middle, so I figured it was worth sharing. READY?

INCLINE IS A BIZZATCH – the workout:

10 min at steady pace – 1% incline

10-21 min increase incline each minute by 0.5% [was up to 6.5% at my peak – didn’t feel as hard as hills outside, but like I said…a ‘breather’ was taken]

22-30 min decrease incline by 1% each minute and then finish out the 1/2 hour or 5k at 1% incline

Of course, if you’re a beast and can use a higher base incline…go for it. *coughshowoffcough*

Just another tough, but quick, cardio workout that is great for any weekday. Tonight it’s weights for me!

[just got a latte at whole foods and they now have almond, rice, and soy milk for no additional charge = highlight of my day/week]


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One thought on “Everybody’s Working(out) for the Weekend

  1. Sarah C says:

    Hills = evil. They’re great 😉

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