I’m Pro Prosciutto

PRO: My office has a keurig-like coffee machine with free coffee [how convenient, save some washingtons, i can reuse my favorite mug]

CON: My office has a keurig-like coffee with free coffee [no easy excuse to leave, no cappuccinos, i’m a brat]

Not that my office is on lock-down or anything. I come and go as a I please for the most part and don’t stress when my lunch goes over allotted time. It’s just…..UGH MONDAYSSSSS! WHYYYYYY! Get me out of here!!!!

[case of the Mondays]

On a happier/tastier note, this weekend I had some pretty fantastic food experiences. Dan and I went on a double date to Marco in the North End on Friday. I think it’s new? At least I don’t remember it being there when I lived there. It’s teeny tiny, so maybe I just managed to overlook it. In any case, it was so good!! Traditional Italian and their appetizers were INSANELY good. We got a burrata with prosciutto and sautéed onions on it, cheese filled dates wrapped in prosciutto, bruschetta (aka garlic bread, but still delicious) and italian sausage with roasted peppers/onions. SO AMAZING. For my meal I went with bolognese and it lived up to my expectations. Homemade pasta with ’tish of cream in the sauce…so so so good. Cocktail list was pretty bomb too. Definitely a jewel amongst a plethora of tourist traps.

[love Guy – he should come out with a mens accessory line]

Saturday night continued my prosciutto bonanza. Dan and I got pizza from a place that was recently aired on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives called, Italian Pizza Express. It was phenom. He got pepperoni and I got prosciutto and ricotta cheese. Definitely going to order from there again, especially because it delivers to my new place  – HUGE BONUS POINTS.

I snuck in some vinyasa yoga on Saturday, but last week I was a slacker after moving and trying to unpack. Back to it this week! Tonight = 5k and some lower body work.  Tomorrow = yoga at work starts up again. yes.

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