Switching Up My Style

I bought a groupon a while ago for a yoga studio and I finally cashed in on it last week. The place is called Charlestown Yoga and lucky for me, it’s only a 20 min walk from my place. In the past I’ve only done vinyasa and power yoga, because those are pretty much the only styles offered at my gym. I decided to branch out a little bit and try some that I hadn’t before. First was Restorative….aka adult nap time in comfortable stretch (even stretch is a stretch to describe this – HAH) positions in order to focus on your breath, relax the mind and chill the eff out. AND that is exactly what it did. Do I think going forward I will pay for it? Probably not, but it was good and I’m sure when you really need it, it’s awesome.

 [was the only person in class who could get even close to the ‘bird of paradise’ in hot yoga – woop!]

Next was hot yoga and I loved it. It wasn’t official Bikram, but the room was really hot and they had about 3 humidifiers going in their small studio. I base how hard I workout on my sweat level [super scientific]. If I’m not sweating, I’m not working hard enough. So naturally hot yoga is amazing because you start sweating the second you step in the room. Like dripping everywhere, every pore, totally soaked sweat. [You can officially make a drinking game of G&G where you drink every time I say sweat]. Anyway, loving yoga more and more after every class. Never upset about putting down the weights and laying out my mat.

[BTW – I’m attempting to ride the groupon/livingsocial wave for yoga so that I don’t have to join a studio. So far…success. $50 for 10 classes total at two studios – shazaaah. See how long I can make this last before I have to join somewhere.]

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