Excuses Followed By Pushups

So…here’s what happened:

  • Had a good friend visit for four days from out of town
  • Got sick
  • Took a couple of days off work

[love seeing old friends – we ate a lot]

All of these equate to me being in the LAURA NOT WORKING OUT OR EATING WELL ZONE. No bueno…BUT I’m back and taking my own advice. It’s funny, you can tell when I’m being a gluttonous sloth because I don’t write anything on here out of pure shame!!! Anyway, onwards and upwards…or whatever.

I’ve decided I’m going to start a 2o Push-up Challenge. I’m going to start with 10/day for two weeks, then bump it up to 15 and then TADA hopefully I’ll be able to do a set of 20 pushups by the end of this. I’ve always really sucked at them and my upper body is pretty puny, so I thought this would be a good little goal to have. I know you guys are dying to hear how it goes, so don’t you worry…you’ll get updates and burly muscle documentation.

I’ll end this post with the following:

“I wish the first rule of Cross-Fit was that you weren’t allowed to talk about Cross-Fit”  – person on facebook

It is out of control lately. Don’t get me wrong…like the workouts, do the workouts, modify the shit out of the workouts…but enough already. Okay, vent over.

[loving my yogi tea affirmations]

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