Safety First

After watching the CrossFit games over the weekend I was feeling motivated to workout and when I saw this little diddy posted by Bessbefit, it was a done deal. This, like this, seemed manageable [these workouts lately have been vewwwy sneaky *elmerfudd*]…and then you start.

It took me 24 min and 20 sec. It took BessBeFit under 14 min. She kicked my ass. In any case, it was a good, quick, body weight, TOUGH workout. I did 15 min on the elliptical afterwards just to get my workout to be over 30 min. The sprawls, for whatever reason, were a struggle for me. Maybe because I’d already done burpees? I don’t know, but the first round = totally fine and the last round = barely getting both my feet under me.  I do unofficial CrossFit workouts pretty frequently. I like the concept and think it’s a fantastic option. I will say this though…BE CAREFUL and FOCUS ON FORM!!! As great as these workouts are, doing as many reps as you can or doing them as fast as you can can easily lead to compromised form and injuries. Make sure you listen to you body! Other than that though…get after it! 🙂


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One thought on “Safety First

  1. hippo says:

    You are such a badass! And good note about form first

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