Feel the BURN (understatement of the year-legs were on fire)

OH MAN, you guys. I needed to do a relatively quick leg/cardio workout last week and I opted for the following extended tabata/crossfit nightmare:

As many reps as you can in 45 sec/15 sec rest

Squat Jump

Push Ups


High Knees

Jumping lunges

Tuck jumps



Sure, it looks innocent enough. Challenging, but c’mon, it’s only 7 exercises for 45 sec each. I so got this! -FALSE- First of all, 15 seconds of rest is nothing…NOTHING! Second, doing all of these things for 45 seconds immediately makes you want to cry/barf/pass out. This is the first time I ever looked forward to push-ups because they were one of the easiest exercises [totes did girly push-ups]. I found this workout on http://www.bodyrock.tv and it is supposed to be done one time through as a fit test, but I wanted to make it a full workout and I figured x3 would do the trick. The good thing is that you’re done in 25 min [benefit of a lot of cross fit style workouts]. I felt guilty [I’m nuts] for having to ‘cheat’ [keep from dying] so I ran a mile afterwards, bringing my workout to about 40 min. As miserable as I’m making this sound, I will say that I’m loving these heavy-duty workouts lately. I’ve really been pushing myself to my MAX and it’s making a difference. STAY MOTIVATED! The easiest way to stay on track is to make it routine, that way you don’t even think twice about it.

LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE TRIES THIS! I would love to hear your experience with it. For the fit test you’re supposed to keep track of how many reps you do, but I gave up on that reallllll fast.

[appropriately named street at the top of a hill during a 5k last week – had to document]

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One thought on “Feel the BURN (understatement of the year-legs were on fire)

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