Any Plans?

Some of my favorite weekends lately have been lacking something I’m normally a nut about…plans. Friday nights have been casual dinners or wine/ass on the couch. Saturdays have been waking up early [relatively], going to yoga/workout, cooking brunch, and taking Bear for a walk, all before noon. It’s been nice to let the weekends flow by instead of fly by, for a change. On Sunday I did go to a BBQ fest in Boston hosted by Phantom Gourmet; proud participant for the 2nd year in a row!

[Due to a lack of self control, the lady & the tramp pic is the only one I have of the food]

Ribs, pulled pork NACHOS, beef brisket, and corn bread were all on the menu, and we hit five of the seven vendors from across the county *high five*. I will say that the chefs du BBQ need to have a pow-wow beforehand to discuss sides. EVERYONE had slaw and beans (slaw – no thanks and I can only eat so many beans). I had two psyche outs where I spotted potato salad and mac&cheese on the menu, but were both sold out when I went to order. Love the carnivore fare, but I could easily sit down with a side item sampler and be the happiest girl in the world. Overall, the weather was gorgeous, the food was amazing, and some QT with my man is always a good thing. Although we did not do this (we got not one, but two orders of pulled pork nachos), you can actually eat relatively healthy at these BBQ things. There was roasted corn (sans the butter), shrimp on the barbie, and pretty much every stand had grilled chicken. ALWAYS keep an eye out for healthy options – they’re there! Don’t judge – it was my cheat day…

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