The Challenging Chaturanga

I sadly have only been to one yoga class in the past couple weeks. They used to have yoga where I work, but due to lack of interest (come on, people!) it was canceled. I decided enough was enough (errr, not enough?) and snuck into the gym with Dan for one of their Power Yoga classes. I was a little nervous, not only because I hadn’t practiced in so long, but also because the yoga at work was a little…[look side to side for coworkers]…geriatric. I love how yoga really hits all those little muscles that most of the time you don’t even realize are there. We did about 1,000 vinyasas, or sequence of poses, with chaturanga (exact approximation – OH SNAP oxymoron) and the next day I could feel it throughout my arms, shoulders and back big time. Outside of the studio, chatarungas are usually referred to as tricep push-ups  or ‘yoga push-ups’ (includes down dog), but some yogis freak at that term. Although I’m a huge yoga promoter, I do get that just some people aren’t a fan and can’t get into it. I found some variations of the chaturanga/up & down dog sequence that could be incorporated into any workout in order to challenge those muscles and keep them guessing.  In any case, whether it’s in the studio or on the weight floor, these are super challenging body weight exercises to switch up your workouts.

[traditional chaturanga to up & down dog – there are some funny/awkward demonstration videos out there]

[this is the ‘yoga push-up’ – challenging, but gets rid of the whole ‘up dog/cobra’ part]

[here is a flexible take on the sequence from Boston’s own, Rebecca Pacheco (check out her blog here)  –  it’s actually dolphin pose and takes out chaturanga, but still killer for shoulders and core]

Have a great weekend. Get outside, relax, workout, and have a drink 🙂

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