No Pain No Gain

Wednesday night I sat and pedaled (barely) on the recumbent bike for 10 miles; it took me about 45 min. You will rarely find me on this cardio machine, but that evening I had no choice. I was so sore from the below workout, but I wanted to do something for exercise and not be a wuss.  Since this workout was so ‘effective’ (it’s day four post workout and I can still feel it) I thought I would share for those who dare…

10 min on elliptical – random resistance

12 alternating jumping lunges (split squats)

20 squats w/ weight

15 donkey kicks each leg (so good for your buns – really squeeze when you’re doing these)

25 jumping jacks

40 alternating lunges w/ weight (right about now = where legs stopped working)

15 jump squats


30 bicycles

15 hip ups (thankful I was in they gym alone – may have let out random animal noises to get through it)

15 air humps


10 min elliptical – low resistance

Use weights that challenge you (I used between 5 and 20 lbs weights). This workout should really have you reaching exhaustion during sets. My legs were spazzing out by the time I got on the elliptical at the end. Btw, what the hell is going on with Lance Armstrong? Blood doping? Nuts. Speaking of nuts…

[ i really hope this is not photoshopped]

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