Dairy Dilemma

I’m not lactose intolerant, or vegan, or anything, but there is something about dairy these days that freaks me out a bit. Weird thing number one – humans are the only species that drink another’s milk (although cats do, I guess…moving on). Weird thing number two – we are the only species that drinks milk past baby-dom (again, cats…dammit). Weird thing number three – all the hormones, chemicals, preservatives that are involved with dairy…narsty (poor cats).  Clearly I’m no expert/super activist (I’m calling my reasons ‘weird things’), but it was enough for me to rethink some of my eating habits. I TRY to eat as clean as I can/afford/taco bell doesn’t count, so I’ve been cutting down wherever I can. Since I’ve started doing this I definitely feel less bloated, but I don’t know if it’s the actual dairy or the fact that cutting out dairy somewhat forces healthier choices in general (when I do cheese, I don’t mess around).

ANYWHO, I found this creamer at Whole Foods  for my daily coffee consumption that is dairy (and gluten) free! It’s made from coconut milk, the container is BPA free, it’s Kosher (wuddup my NJ friends), and it’s pretty delish. I noticed someone else in my office jumped on the coconut train and bought the hazelnut flavor. It’s not as  coconutty as you would think and if you try it sans coffee (don’t ask) it sort of tastes like lucky charm marshmallows.

…..you’re welcome


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