Mon Dieu

I meant to write an ‘au revoir’ post, but I’m sure you can all relate in that the days/week before vacation are NUTS and full of barf inducing stress trying to get ready. In any case, I went on my trip to France!!! *Amazing/Can’tBelieveIt’sOver/Perfection sigh* France, err Europe in general, is just gorgeous. The architecture, FOOD, culture, WINE, and history is unbelievable and on a whole different level. It really puts into perspective how incredibly young the U.S of A actually is. Luckily we snapped a lot of photos (my man turned into the next Nigel Barker and took about 1000), because words just wouldn’t cut it. I will say that the French people were wonderful. Luckily my Dad’s girlfriend spoke decent French and was able to take care of….everything, because I would panic and freeze  if someone uttered a word of French to me.

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Most of these were taken while in Provence. This was Dan’s (big reveal of his name) first trip to Europe and I loved having him there to explore everything with. These pics were all from my phone and not as impressive; I’ll share his once he gets them all on his computer. We hiked 13th century ruins, had a birthday dinner cooked by a private chef, stuck our toes in the Mediterranean, saw the purest natural spring at Fontaine de Vaucluse, witnessed a Porsche gang, and unknowingly met a world champion rock climber. AHHH I could go on and on; it’s frustrating trying to accurately recap how beautiful and memorable this trip was. I just realized I haven’t even touched on Paris yet…I guess there will have to be a part deux to this post.

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