Circuit Breaker-Upper

If I’m not doing a timed tabata or intervals, I have a tendency to dilly dally a little bit between sets. I’m not proud of it…but it happens. Most of the time I just feel like I need to let whatever muscle group I’m working recoup for a hot minute (or pure lack of motivation), but I hate hate hate when my heart rate goes down and I can feel the sweat drying up (ew ew ew, I know) mid workout. If I’m going to get off my ass, then I want my face to be purple, sweat to be on the back of my shirt, have my heart pounding, and really give it my all. I’m sure this is no novel idea, but last night during my 8pm session in the apartment gym I came up with a solution – JUMPING JACKS.

[follow suit (god i love word play). but really, nice getup]

If you are pushing yourself hard and just need more than a ten second (or whatever) break, do light jumping jacks to keep your heart rate up. They aren’t overly strenuous and it prevents you from looking like a creeper/weirdo  just wandering/standing there staring at weights/people.

For those of you interested, here is the workout I did (~45min):

Warm Up: 1 mile run on treadmill

Circuit 1 – x3:

jumping lunges (KILLER!) x 12

air humps (correct terminology – pelvis lift) x 15

one leg bench split squat w/ weights (aka Bulgarian Lunge? New nickname – Brutal Bulgarians) x 12/each leg

Circuit 2 – x3:

kettle bell single arm shoulder press x12/each arm

kettle bell bent over one arm row x12/each arm

modified push-up on flat bench x12 (this is where the jumping jacks came in)

Circuit 3 – x3:

seated row x12

lat pull downs x12

1 mile run on treadmill with cool down


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One thought on “Circuit Breaker-Upper

  1. tlbflowllc says:

    Looks like a great workout!

    Gotta love air humps and Brutal Bulgarians! Lol. The Bulgarian split squat is one of my favorite exercises, but it burns like crazy.

    Great work! 🙂

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