I’m not Kenyan

I have NEVER been a big runner. My max distance is a 5k and at the end of that I’m purple faced with j-e-ll-o legs. Recently I’ve started going for lunchtime jogs (nothing ‘run’ about this) and I’m…dare I say this…enjoying it. Getting away from my desk, shutting my brain off during an annoying day and getting some exercise at the same time? Yes, please. I think the key, at least for me and probably other non-runners, is to just keep it at a comfortable pace (I get a tish competitive on treadmills and feel like I need a 4 min mile) and ENJOY yourself. Don’t go crazy with times, distance, etc. There are a lot of arguments out there that steady pace running isn’t the most effective exercise and I 100% agree with that…but with a crazy schedule, it’s at least something and I really like that I can easily squeeze it into my day. Just another option to switch it up – remember, variety in your workouts is key!

OH haaaaaay, Cambridge. You’re looking gorgeous 🙂

and GO BRUINS! Back in Boston for Game 7!!!!

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2 thoughts on “I’m not Kenyan

  1. I recently found those steady pace jogs are nice and they have definitely been working for me!

  2. I agree. I actually like a steady paced run, makes me more want to do it, so that works for me.

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