Food Pet Peeve

I’ve been seeing more and more of this lately on some of my fave food blogs and I have to say…what the fuck. Please forgive me if I am the lone person with this stance, but I just don’t understand the phenomenon that is Italian/Mexican fusion. Chicken Enchilada Pasta, Taco Lasagna, Taco Stuffed Shells, and the list could  go on. I LOVE Italian food tanto tanto tanto and I LOVE Mexican food mucho mucho mucho, but together…I just don’t understand. Why take such amazing delicious cuisines and try to combine them into one strange pile of completely different flavors.

Cumin + pasta = it makes no sense, it’s nonsense. This is my mad face at the culinary blog world for letting this happen. But I guess that someone out there must like it…probably the same person who puts ketchup in their macaroni & cheese (had a roommate that did this in college). OOOO DISS! I’m mean today….and yes, I know. This is another food post and I’ll workout tomorrow.

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