Slacker City – Population 1

So here’s what happened…

On a recent visit my Dad pointed out that my little blog had become much more about garlic (fooooooood) and way less about glutes. Truth be told, my workout regime flew out the window when a new job, schedule and DOGGY entered my life; all within the last six months. I feel gross and I’m embarrassed that even my father noticed I was slacking via my blog. I told myself, “my next post MUST be a glutes post” and even after declaring that I’ve been a slacker and thus, the lack of posts. It’s crazy how once you’re out of your regular routine it becomes SO DIFFICULT to jump back on track. I enjoy working out, love the strong feeling I have after weight training and of course knowing all the benefits should be motivation enough. Why is it so hard then? I get a hangover after a few too many drinks the night before and I am straight miserable, but what do I do the next weekend? Go out and have some drinks. Weird how something that gives me a positive feeling afterwards is still a struggle and things that give me ‘stab myself in the eye’ headache, I have no problem repeating. I guess the thing to remember is that it happens to everyone. Life happens, crazy schedules happen, stress happens…which honestly, is all the more reason your ‘me time’ of working out should stay marked in your daily schedule. We all fall into ruts at one point or another and the key is not to beat yourself up about it, just get your ass back in gear before another day, week, month, year go by.

TOMORROW is the day. I have 2 months before I am going to France for 10 days (I’m going to France for TEN DAYS!!!) and it’s time to get back to it. I’ve milked my acclimation to new job period for far too long and if anything should get me motivated, it should be a trip to France. Let’s back track quickly though….CHECK OUT MY ADORABLE PUP THAT MY MAN AND I RESCUED!

He’s wonderful and I’m so in love with this cuddle monster. I’ll post deets on him soon.

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One thought on “Slacker City – Population 1

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