How do you roll?

Since finishing college I have lived in five different apartments (moving champion) and in a couple of these places I went the Craigslist route. I’ve lived with a lot of different people, in a lot of different places, in a lot of different circumstances and have learned to go with the flow and not get too particular/spazzy about living stuff. Then this little idiosyncrasy came to light while living in my current place of residence and weirdly enough it’s come up in conversation with friends, so I’m not the only one!

Underhand or Waterfall?

The results show the landslide victor. I am on the winning side. Anyone else ever change a friend’s tp if it’s the wrong way? Because I have = neurotic.

And just to make sure this post falls into a  garlic or glutes category, here’s a link for Wonderful Wine under $15 at Whole Foods. What what! Drink up.

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