Eat Pod → Grinch Smile

Okay put yourself in my mindset…

You just got home after a stressful day at work, the commute was horrendous, your tights have been digging into your spleen since noon, you want to watch RHOBH but all that’s on is Atlanta, and although you SHOULD workout, you aren’t going to because there is just no way that you’re going to get motivated at this point. You’re not usually a snacker, but right now you want a family size package of bite size options to the face. Normally it would be chips, cookies, goldfish, etc…until NOW! Microwaveable organic edamame!!!! My apologies if I’m late to jump on the at-home edamame boat, but these are such a great option and now I make sure to have a  stash of at least five bags in my freezer at all times.

I was a bit dramatic before, edamame is food for all emotions. Happy, sad, stressed, excited…edamame is always muy beuno. Here’s a  little background for those of you who haven’t tried them (I’m sure a minority). They are green soybeans picked before they ripen and then steamed/boiled with some salt either sprinkled on when done or in the water if you’re boiling. They are so effing delicious, easy to make and organic = win cubed. They also pack some serious nutritional value. These little pods are rich in complete proteins, dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. True story ladies and gents. GET YOU SOME! *say in Randy “Macho Man” Savage voice*

Not sure where the WWF inspiration came from (see face below). All I know is that I have 1.5 days left before 10.5 paid days off from work aka no brain function or focus left.

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One thought on “Eat Pod → Grinch Smile

  1. tastykitteh says:

    Oh my gawd! I’ve been trying to figure out if I should just be replacing every type of food that I usually snack on with edamame this year! Usually I just can’t stand the normal, plain, boring flavor of the little beans, but then a friend turned me on to some sauce suggestions to kick it up a notch and this one is by far my favorite and the easiest that you can do to make your edamame tastier besides just adding a touch of salt. I’m trying to figure out other ways to use edamame than just as a side to dinner or random filler snack too because they’re just so freakin’ good for you!

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