Wise Words

About a year ago I was walking through Harvard Square with a friend and we came across one of those knickknack stores with everything and anything you can think of. We found their stationary section and RAIDED it. I don’t know what comes over me when it comes to snazzy pens, pretty stationary and quirky cards. Let me loose in a Papyrus and I could easily drop a hefty amount of Washingtons. It was here that I picked up one of my favorite cards and while unpacking from my most recent move I came across it and thought I would share. It’s not the usual cliché life lesson quote type bull, but at the same time it is. In my ripe old age of 25 I feel like these things are really important and things to remind ourselves of every day. I know this has nada to do with food or working out, but it does have to do with your inner foodie, warrior and SELF! I will throw little tid bits like this on here every now and then just to switch it up and stir up some thoughts…

Now I’m scared I’ve built this up too much. Ah well, here it goes.

1. the path is not straight.

2. mistakes need not be fatal.

3. people are more important than achievements or possessions.

4. be gentle with your parents.

5. never stop doing what you care about most.

6. learn to use a semicolon

7. you will find love

                                               – Marion Winik

Think. Ponder. Let it resonate. And now, in the spirit of Halloween and the fact that no post should be naked of a jpg, I give you…..drum roll…a slide show of funny dog costumes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Wise Words

  1. LOVE this message. Very motivational 🙂

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