Going Green (errr…Verde)!!!

I’ve always leaned more towards white wines, simply because I get heavy-duty purple mouth; it’s not pretty and very embarrassing. My go-to is Pinot Grigio or Prosecco (Brut – least amount of sugar added). I am by no means a wine connoisseur and I’m sure that a W.C. would be offended by this, but I like my wine very light and without thick flavor. W.C.’s everywhere are scoffing and rolling their eyes. BUT if you’re a lover of light wines like me, then I really recommend you try the Portuguese style of wine called Vinho Verde.

Supposedly there are red and white versions of Vinho Verde, but I have only tried the white variety and have yet to come across a bottle of the red style. It’s light, refreshing, and some bottles even have some bubbles. LOVE BUBBLES. Also, not sure you if guys can read the price on this bad boy….$6.12!!!!! In the new neighborhood that I live in there is some Portuguese influence, so the liquor store has a whole selection of my new beloved Vinho Verde for cheap-o. Gotta love it.

Side note – I’m watching Chopped Champions right now and one of the contestants name is Darius Peacock.

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