SushiTeq & Neptune Oyster

My Dad was in Boston visiting with Z (not blog anonymity code – this is her nickname) for her birthday and within 24 hours we hit up two amazing restaurants that blew my mind. They were staying in the Intercontinental Hotel, which is fab-u-lous, and we decided to try one of the restaurants connected to the lobby. SushiTeq was it and we all agreed that it was delicious and inventive sushi with a fun atmosphere. The actual restaurant is MUCH smaller than I thought. From the door it kind of seems like it’s going to be a big Manhattan type experience (crazy lights, latin music and trendy seating), but then you walk in and realize the space could only fit 30 people tops. It’s called SushiTeq simply because it’s a fusion of sushi and tequila! OH LA LA! You like already, right? They have fun drinks, full tequila bar and salsa dancing on a TV by the chefs. The menu is phenom; a little intimidating if you’re not a seasoned sushi go-er, although it does come with a lot of great descriptions and information if you get a chance to read it all. This the ‘Big Dig’ roll:

A tish cheesy, I know. But they make it work somehow and at the end of the dinner we all walked out saying how fantastic it was.  I also recommend the ‘Atlantic roll’ and their seaweed salad (BOMB). Even my pizza loving boyfriend cleaned his plate without a grain of rice left behind.

The next place we hit up was Neptune Oyster on Salem Street for lunch. When I lived in the North End I passed this place on a daily basis. It’s always hoppin’ and is another teeny set up. It often has long waits, but I had always heard amazing things and that any wait was well worth it. TRUE STORY. The following is what transpired there:

All I have to say is, UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!! Seriously, I can’t even begin to try and describe this. I was on a food buzz for the rest of the day. It’s a MUST if you’re in Boston and want the best lobster roll in town. Even the salad they gave me instead of fries (all about making healthy choices…just ignore that meal covered in three sticks of butter next to it) was ridiculous.

In summary for both establishments -YUM YUM YUM. NOM NOM NOM. SIP SIP SIP. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

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One thought on “SushiTeq & Neptune Oyster

  1. your man says:

    You make pizza loving sound like a bad thing! Excellent sushi though

    Yum yum and LUM LUM to you sweets

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