Tabata-bing Tabata-boom

One of my absolute favorite group fitness classes I’ve ever taken is Tabata (TAH-BAH-TAH). LOVE IT. Relatively basic in concept, but extremely challenging and always left me sweaty and jello bodied. It is awesome for muscle endurance, fat burning, improving cardiovascular health and is an overall fantastic interval workout. Here is the main breakdown of what it is:

5min – warm up

8 intervals of an exercise at high intensity* for 20 sec – followed by 10 sec of rest (do this for a total of 8 exercises)

2min – cool down

* high intensity in my eyes = as many reps as possible without compromising form. PUSH YOURSELF! Try to beat your number from the previous round and I always like to put some extra OOOMPF in my last cycle of 20 sec. Tabata is meant to push your body to exhaustion, so you should feel similar to this guy by the end of it:


Although I was introduced to it as a group fitness class, it is really one of the easiest workouts to do at home, outside, wherever. It’s also a quickie workout that should only take 32 min if you follow a true tabata with the allotted breaks. (I often have to catch an extra breather every now and then.) You can choose from a wide variety of plyometric, strength training or body weight exercises to make up your eight each time. This is why it’s so great no matter where you are or what equipment you have; there are always options. You will need a stop watch or timer of some sort, but luckily there are apps you can get to keep track:


Here is a sample set of exercises to perform:

1. Squat and press with medicine ball (or any form of weight)

2. Burpees

3. Alternating lunge

4. Mountain climber

5.  Jump squats

6. Push ups

7. Power jumping jacks

8. V sit crunches

Tabata-bing Tabata-boom (my man came up with this and I was so giddy I had to use it twice). This is not an easy workout by any means so listen to your bod and don’t do too much too soon. GOOD LUCK and GET AFTER IT!

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