Tip of the Day – Rinse your beans!


Last night I made a orzo salad with this handy-dandy recipe for any bean/grain/veggie combo and when I finished with it I thought, “hmmm…it’s kind of wet”. This is the grossest thing ever to think after completing a dish and I knew it had something to do with the fact that the cannellini beans that I used were from the can (think nasty sodium goo covering everything). Now, in case your taste buds have completely dried up and you’re curious as to why I would even post this…the recipe is awesome and a really great way to create a super easy and tasty salad. Definitely a go-to for bbq’s or a packed lunch. The key is, as my good friend Court-Court pointed out to me once I voiced my dilemma, you HAVE TO rinse canned beans. I repeat, have to. EUREKA! It makes so much sense. Not only will it prevent it from being so…..wet (barf), but it will also rinse off some of the added sodium and preservatives. So, lesson learned and if you would like to use Three Cooks Kitchen‘s simple measurements for any bean/grain/veggie salad, it’s as follows:

2 cups grain

2 cups bean

3 cups veggie

Easy peasy. Throw it all together and add oil, vinegar, herbs and seasoning. I used Newman’s Own Roasted Garlic Balsamic Lite just to make it even easier. MIX MIX MIX! I tossed some fresh pecorino romano in there as well (it just seemed right). I threw it over some organic baby spinach and brought in for lunch today. Healthy, hearty, satisfying and it allows you to get creative! Get to it.

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One thought on “Tip of the Day – Rinse your beans!

  1. Kieran says:

    damn that looks good! and nice bowls!

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