Today is…


 “Free yourself from negative thoughts and worries. Allow yourself to move forward and heal yourself with positivity.”

I was writing in my handy-dandy organizer that I constantly carry around with me and it had this holiday already marked. I loved the idea of it and wanted to pass it on. So many of us are stressed, under pressure, have a million things on our plate, etc. The other day I had to take the T (Boston subway system) to get to work. While walking I saw a van that had stopped at a green light for a guy who was struggling wheeling a ton of boxes across the cross walk and the car behind him came up and honked the crap out of him and then sped around almost hitting the guy with the boxes. We are such a rushed, spastic, short-tempered and inconsiderate society. We are all guilty of doing things like this and I’ll be the first to admit that I am included. I once had a flip shit moment outside of Qdoba because they closed 15min early due to an attempted robbery (I told you I take my burritos seriously). What a crazy bizzzatch, right? Today is the day to take a breather and whatever is causing you anxiety; just let it go. Take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts. Let out a good cry. Take a yoga class. Sit outside with a good glass of wine. Meditate. Pop a klonopin (I kid, I kid). Realize that it could be worse and most of the stuff we let ourselves get all caught up about is inconsequential anyway. Don’t let negative thoughts keep you from being the beautiful person you are!

Kitty has let go.

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