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I would like to apologize to Chipotle fans everywhere for these harsh words that are about to follow. Burritos are just  a topic that I feel very strongly about and can no longer tolerate this injustice that’s being done to them! To even suggest there is a contest between these two establishments is an insult to my beloved Qboba. I had been a loyal Q-craver for the past couple months, but everyone kept telling me the Chipotle was the shiz and I needed to try it. Even last week while I was standing in line at Qdoba for by burrito bowl the person, a complete stranger, next to me deemed it necessary to tell me I needed to try Chipotle because they already had my concoction on the menu. OKAY WORLD – I GET IT – I WILL GO. So I did….and I can’t believe that Chipotle even stands a chance while Qdoba is in business. Between the queso sauce, veggie options and leaner meat (my carnitas at Chipotle had a wad of fat the size of a golf ball – so gross) Qdoba is the clear victor. Overall a healthier and nummier choice.  Please note this entire post was written while my mouth was full *wipe guacamole from side of mouth*.

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