While perusing through Target the other weekend I came across this gem on sale for $3.50 and I HAD to buy it (despite the fact that it’s mascot dude is the creepiest human being on the planet-google it!). Hands down best decision of my life. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but whatevs. It’s raining for the millionth day in a row and this little gadget is the only thing making me happy. Anyway, this thing is amazing for one reason in particular; chopping garlic. I love love love garlic (hence blog name). I’ve always been a slacker and bought the jarred stuff, but then too many of my favorite chefs scolded me on FoodNetwork about not being a lazy-ass and doing it myself. Slapchop makes the garlic mincing process so much easier. Which was great when a chicken marinade recipe I made the other night required four large cloves to be minced. HALLELUJAH I own a SlapChop. I haven’t tried anything else with it, but I will keep you posted (hah-blog humor). It’s a pretty limited amount of space under the chopper, so you can really only chop enough stuff for one person. If you see this thing on sale at Target for under $5, don’t think twice. BUY IT!

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