In the last ten minutes of a boxing class the other day (whole body already shaking) the instructor announced, “alright guys, last ten minutes…let’s do abs!!!”. I cried a little bit on the inside, realized I couldn’t sneak out and then gave myself an inner pep talk, “you so got this cause you da’ woooo-man!!”. As I’m having this back and forth in my head she demonstrates the following and I thought I would share because this move is……effective. She called it the ‘dolphin kick’, but I don’t think that’s a common nickname for it.

First just get into a standard plank – Keep the spine straight; shoulders and core strong.

**Keep your alignment in check by keeping your eye sight towards the ground**

Now that you’re in good form and ready to make your core BURN, let’s move on. Twist your full body to the left while keeping your shoulders, arms and core strong.

** STRAIGHT BACK/NO ARCH and DON’T LET YOUR BUTT DROP (hah…unless you’re in the club).**

Thought this view might be better for the twist action.  For the second part of this move just make a full twist over to the right side.

**Don’t sink into your shoulders!**

And now my friends, you are done with one rep. Do that about 10-12 times total and I guarantee that you will be achin’. The awesome thing about this exercise is that it actually works your entire core. Yes yes, ALL OF IT! Upper and lower abs, obliques, internal obliques and internal abs; all in one move. This move is highly effective – for time and your ripped tum tum!

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