SLIDERS in the gym (they can’t all be amazing nummy bite-sized sandwiches)

OH MAN I’m such a slacker and this is only post number three. I promise I will do better readers (hello hello hello are you out there? *echo effect*). Upwards and onwards! I just need to stay focused on the positive and be the dedicated little blogger that I know I can be. In effort to stay on theme with those delicious little munchkins seen in my previous post, my awesome (and newly engaged!) friend suggested I do SLIDERS for my first workout post. She’s the one in all the pics! These suckers will seriously kill your lower body and are an awesome way to tone and strengthen those buns (glutes), hips (hip flexors) and thighs (quads and hamstrings). Want to look and feel awesome in those damn tight leg pants? Bingo Bango. This is the exercise for you.  There are a lot of different variations on lunges, but the key is to not lean forward, keep everything in line and make sure you can always see your toes. The knee should not bend over the foot while lunging. Alright…so down to business. First you need those circle slider things that you can find at most gyms (see below):

**Don’t fret if you don’t have access to these. You can also use a folded towel on a floor that will allow slide-age**

Step 1) Start in an up-right standing position and with one foot on your sliding apparatus.

**Good posture is always key to good form! Keep eyes up and shoulders back.**

Step 2) Do a mini lunge, like so:

**Voila! The burn begins.**

Step 3) Squeeze your buns while returning to the up-right standing positing. Then go down a bit deeper into a regular lunge:

**Remember, you should always see those little piggies!**

Step 4) Push in to the heel of your standing foot while returning, once again, to the up-right standing position. Pretend there is a penny between your cheeks and you can’t let it drop while you come up from the lunge. Once you return to your beginning position, get ready because this time we are going ALL OUT! Drop down, staying focused on your form, into a deep lunge:

**Be careful with this deep of a lunge! If your form isn’t correct you could seriously injure your knee and lower back. Check out my lovely exercise model! She’s a trainer where I work. That lunge is from several years at the starting line while running track with BU. She’s an animal.**

Step 5) Once more return to your standing position while pushing through your standing leg and keeping the booty tight. And that my friends, is one rep. Lift your jaws off the floor and repeat this nine more times so that you do a total of ten on each leg. YOU SO GOT THIS! I tested this exercise out after our little photo shoot and it’s definitely challenging, but it really does hit your entire lower body…and I’m all about multi-tasking.

See you soon! Promise.

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