So here it is. First post…very exciting! I’ve been planning/saying/doing everything except actually making this blog for a while now and I have to say, it’s a little nerve-wracking but AWESOME at the same time to finally be doing this. I guess for my first post I will kind of lay it all out there. I will tell you guys a quick bit about me and about what will be on this blog without completely repeating my About page. I have lived up and down the east coast. First in North Carolina, then up to Jersey for a couple of years. Yes yes I know I know, I’ve heard all the comments and seen all the disgusted looks before. I promise Jersey Shore is not an accurate depiction of the entire state and parts of it ain’t so bad. College brought me even further up the Atlantic to Massachusetts and post-graduate life had me briefly in New Hampshire. Phew. Almost there. My final move brought me to the North End and my favorite place of residence, Boston. I tell you all this because it is here in Boston that I really found my love of food and fitness, and my motivation for this blog. From all of the amazing specialty stores and restaurants throughout this wonderful city I have become a self-proclaimed foodie. The job that brought me here is in the fitness industry and prior to that I had been a part the health food/beverage industry for several years. So that brings us to the present. Like I said in my About page (ugh, I swore I wouldn’t repeat) I am no expert on either topics. My goal is to share my experiences, motivations and aspirations with anyone trying to broaden their culinary and fitness repertoire. This isn’t about dieting and body building, it’s about enjoying delicious food and having more options in the gym other than just the elliptical for 30min.

Deep breath. Okay. Done. Long, but done. I’m sorry, but I’m so excited. POST!


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